Our Successfull Project List

Time and Attendance Recording System

Our software performs on windows platforms for desktop application as well as for Client Server Application where it requires Network. It covers all aspect of Time Management practiced in INDIA and prepare reports like Time Card, leave register, C-Off register and other reports as required in prescribed government forms for Labour Law / Factory act. Our system provides complete time and attendance management solution. We also suggest the browser based CARS(Contractor Attendance Recording System) software to be used with ARS(Attendance Recording System). Both softwares merges towards total HR solution. The CARS software has facility of Employee Self Service Portal, where employees fill all regularization forms from their working place. We furnish Total customized software solution as well as Data exports to SAP, PeopleSoft or other system.

General Feature
  • Data security and easy management of bulky data are key features of this system.
  • Database can be on any OS like Windows, UNIX, SOLARIS etc.
  • Processing and Report printing is much  faster then previous versions.
  • Multi user environment with indivisual right allocation facility.
  • User log maintenance for all activities handled by the user for administrative purpose.
  • Single software facilitates creation of multiple versions for different companies with different purposes.
  • Easy Master data creation facility for employee, department, category, section, shift, Holidays, Leaves etc.
  • Various types of schedule generation and maintenance capability.
  • Short Leaves, gatepass entry provisions managable through software.
  • Various types of Leave Application entry forms with balance and other rule checking.
  • Muster generation option to summaries the monthly attendance and generate the output which can be used as input for any payroll system.
  • Built in Daily, Monthly, Yearly and Leave reports
  • Graphical reports are available.
Contractor Labour Monitoring System and Access Control System
  • Contract Labor Management System (CLMS) is an important process in any enterprise.
  • Contracting helps in improvising the bottom-line with keeping the liabilities limited. Today, it is almost unavoidable for any Principal Employer not to avail services of Contract Workers.
  • However due of the Compliance Issues, Safety & Security issues, Accidents, Periodic medical check-ups etc, the entire contract management process becomes a complex subject for the departments like HR, Security & Facilities etc. But Our Contractor Labor Management Module is a comprehensive feature, designed specifically for your businesses.
  • The module comes complete with specific contractor names, dates of expiry of the contracts, all individually tailored for each contractor, complete with the photograph of the contracting party.
  • Contract Labor Management System is a Web based System for employers to have a better check and control over their contractors and the laborers under them.
  • Using our Labor Management System, organizations are able to implement Security norms that help create a Safe & Secured work environment.
  • Using our Contract Labor Management System, employers can deal with such issues easily and could save few hundred times the investment within few months of implementing our system.
  • SmartSuite Contract Labor Management System is an enterprise wide system which helps organizations in managing the Contract Labourers. It is an integrated system with the necessary hardware, software & consumables.
  • Hence maximum Large & Medium Corporations trust SmartSuite Contract Labor Management System for their Enterprise
Biometric Registration Identification and Blacklisting System
  • The System is developed for the Security purpose.
  • Used to de-duplicate and identify black listed persons using biometrics
  • This system complements other systems
  • The System performs three different tasks - Registration, Identification, and Blacklisting.
  • Supports multi biometrics for better accuracy, uses biometric data like iris, fingerprint and photo of the person.
  • Identification process identifies the person based on the captured iris and fingerprint.
  • Blacklisting process will blacklist or watch list the person. Watch list will keep the watch on the person. Multiple options to blacklist, watch list, de- blacklist and Reject watch list are available in the system.

Over 9 lac FM220U fingerprint scanner deployed for AADHAR authentication.
Leaders in providing "Total HR Solution" and "Turnkey System".
Export and linking to ERP (SAP/ PeopleSoft etc) or any payroll system.

In-House mfg and R&D enables us to provide customised solution User friendly software for all popular platforms and database.
3000+ satisfied customers, 15000+ recorders and 9 lacs+ FM220U installed allover India. Customer Support network all over India.
"Customer Satisfaction" -Our Ultimate Goal